re■, which some a◆tt

ribute t〓o poor layout and ○disorderly

d Wu.Apart fr●om opening◆ stores at g●ood locations ●replacing old ○poorly performing ◆ones, Gome w●ill increase th■e st

ock of ●small electrical ○appliances, like〓 water heate■rs and juice ble●nders, because th●ey can off〓er higher profit ●margin, He● said.The small appl◆iances' profit margi〓ns average

at ◆20 to 30 percent. Sm〓all applianc〓es currently accou○nt for 12 percent of○ Gome's total sale●s, He said.He ■said Gome wil○l be partnering■ with its suppliers〓 to create a ◆mo

re comfort〓able and co■nvenient purchasin●g environment by○ resetting product d●isplay and in

creasin●g service ●efficiency◆.At the beginn■ing of this year, C■hina launched ●another ro●und of home appl〓ianc

e promoti●ons in rural areas●. The country has e●xpanded its subsi■dies for farmer

displ○ay. For Gome, t◆he ratio of● r

s' p●urchases of home■ appliance. The ◆move has increas●ed new business〓 opportunities for ◆many companies.■ Last Octob○

er, China granted a● 13 percent subsid〓y to farmers who○ buy home appliances〓. Qualified ■appliances incl○ude color TVs, refri■gerators, and○ mobile phones. T■he Chinese governm○ent ha

s said ●it will pr●omote the poli〓cy nationwide in● February of this ●year. Insid●ers say the○ policy has not only■ benefited far●mers, but als〓o home applianc〓e manufacturers. I?/p>

's estimated that ○the governmen●t subsidies will● reach 15 billi■on yuan in 2●009.In turn,

th○is will drive dome◆stic demand t〓o over 5 trillion◆ yuan.Even mor●e provinces■ and cities across 〓China will

no●w benefit fro■m a pilot ●scheme that offers s○ubsidies to farmers○ buying ho〓

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